Podengo Grande

In the Beginning:

There were no Grande (large) Podengos in the United States.  This is a chronicle of how this changed.


Then there was this face!

From the fields of Portugal - Sticking her tongue out - and I knew that she was going to be mine.

Coming to America

Not long after - she left Sunny Portugal for the Minnesota Winter and with the help of my friend Sally who drove to the Airport in Chicago in a blizzard to pick her up -  the Podengo Grande Smooth was now in the United States - So then there was ONE.

Snow, Cold  - bring me back out later.

New friends to meet - like Sarge the Basenji - he's a littel nosey if you ask me.

My favorite thing it to chill out in the back yard.

There is always bugs to explore - I don't like the snakes though - they suprise me.  Somtimes I find baby bunnies - what a tasty snack!

Standing still practice

For some reason everyone here seems to want me to stand still.  That is so boring - there are no bugs or birds to chase, no rocks to investigate - no neighborhood kid to bark at - boring ...... but here I stand.

So she just kept growing and growing.....

For a while we would wait and watch for her ears to go up - but they were so darn cute out to the side we really had mixed feelings.

Look at those growth plates - lots of room to grow
For more information about the Portuguese Podengo (Medio or Grande) Please visit the APPMGC website.
For more about any upcoming litters at MIJOKR.